Scientific articles

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Edited books

van Ham, M.; Tammaru, T.; Ubarevičienė, R.; Janssen, H. (Eds.) 2020. Urban Socio-Economic Segregation and Income Inequality. A Global Perspective. Springer: Springer International Publishing. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-64569-4.


PhD Thesis

Raun, Janika (2020). Mobile positioning data for tourism destination studies and statistics. (PhD thesis, University of Tartu). University of Tartu Press. Full text

Kukk, Kristiina (2019). Understanding the Vicious Circle of Segregation. (PhD thesis, University of Tartu). University of Tartu Press. Full text

Metspalu, Pille (2019). The Changing Role of the Planner. Implications of Creative Pragmatism in Estonian Spatial Planning. (PhD thesis, University of Tartu). University of Tartu Press. Full text

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